About Me

I was born in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire England. I am a Christian and happily married to my husband John.

I have two grown up children from a previous marriage and they both have families of their own. I have been blessed with nine grandchildren. My daughter has seven children, four of her own and three stepchildren; and my son has two children.

I grew up with a love of drawing and painting, mainly subjects from nature; in those early years I used to focus on realism and trying to make everything perfect.

While my children were growing up I found I did not have much time to pursue my interest in art, with a full time job and taking care of a growing family.

Now my children are grown and I am able to work just part time for an employer I am once again finding time to create.

I use acrylics mainly on canvas or watercolour sometimes. I have also been experimenting with digital drawing on my iPad. I am trying to let go of some of the perfectionism and have begun to experiment with abstract design and also expressing my faith through my art. I still like painting from nature, many of my paintings include flowers or animals

I Created this abstract Sunflower as a Mother’s Day gift for my daughter. Each of her children wrote their names on a petal and the two youngest who were unable to write did handprints to look like leaves.

Studio Time

Working on an abstract neurographic piece of Psalm 23